International organizations

for international organizers

Start here if you are planning to organize a conference, congress or big event abroad. Faircom Media is a specialist in branding events and communicate your brand. We do the communication, side visits, design, planning and installation.


Faircom uses local production facilities, which saves on the transportation. Our installation crews are also local so there is no need to fly them in and house them in hotels.

Printing is done on environmentally friendly materials. At dismantling, all materials are separated and recycled or re-used.

100% reliable

Faircom Media is a Dutch origin company. We have been around for over 25 years and in this period, we have worked for most of the biggest brands and agencies in the world. We have a proven track record and make sure we always comply with our clients’ timeframe and expectations.

Printing is done on modern machines from well known quality brands as Dürst and HP. Our installation crews enjoy continuous education, both for installing and latest Health & Safety regulations.


By using a local partner for graphics, you have the luxury to implement last minute changes at very reasonable costs and extremely quick timings. Or replace a graphic that gets damaged during the event quickly.


We are experts in printing and installations, but that is not enough to make a large project a success. We have our own IT solution to manage the project. We use a system with an online graphic tracker where everybody involved works in: the designers indicate when artwork is uploaded, our pre-presser changes the status when a job is sent to the machine, all costing of the elements is included and even installation instructions can be incorporated.